Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Raising Arrows

"The training we're to do is not simply academic, although it certainly includes sound scholarship. We are also commanded to prepare each child to walk as a faithful Christian in all areas of life.

An arrow has two ends. On one end is the arrowhead. We want sharp arrows, academically speaking. But on the other end of the arrow, we find a delicate guidance system; fletching made of feathers, to be exact. We want our arrows to travel toward their target without deviation. This corresponds to the development of moral character.

A proper education will work on both ends of the arrow (i.e. both ends of the child) at the same time. Although scholarship is obviously important, a sharp arrow is worthless without proper direction. And a blunt arrow, even if it hits its target, will have very little effect."

Gregg Harris- The Christian Homeschool


Anonymous said...

I love this quote...it reminds me with a swift kick in the pants why we are doing this...so important! The eternal relationship that my kids are having time daily to nurture with their Lord...now that we are homeschooling...far outweighs anything this world can afford!

I love you Kim the best momma and friend in the world!


Kelly said...

Love this!