Monday, October 20, 2008

Dear Kim in 1997

Dear Kim in 1997,

I know that little girl of yours is giving you a run for your money. I thought you could use a little encouragement....especially after that little episode in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

You know the one were you were about 41 weeks pregnant and your little sweetie threw herself a whopper of a fit?

When she laid down on the asphalt, "pancake style" and convinced her little body to stiffen to the point that no appendage could be lifted from the pavement? Not even when you started crying because you could not bend down to get her because YOUR BELLY was too big?

I feel ya sister.

Since I have a little bit better hindsight from my vantage point, I thought I might share how that willful head of curls serves her well in the future. It will bless your heart in so many ways to see God use that defiant heart to defy the world's standards for a girl her age. How that strong desire to have it her way is molded to a desire for His way and you will be so glad that she does not waiver.

She is coming up on her 14th birthday. She loves her siblings and interior design and Jesus. Have mercy, does she ever love Jesus.

Each week, she updates our dry erase board for homeschool, with scripture and encouraging words. (You might want to forget you read that part about homeschool....since I know where you are right now and that word is most certainly CRIPPLING YOU WITH FEAR.)

Here is her quote from John Piper's, "Don't Waste Your Life"...

Yes. Sometimes she is the teacher....and you are the student.

You just celebrated your 17th wedding anniversary with Chris, this past Saturday. While you were gone, that chubby-cheeked baby girl and the one that is growing in your tummy babysat your other two children. (Again, you may want to forget about reading this part to avoid more CRIPPLING FEAR.)

They made dinner, put the boys to bed and left the house spotless. While you were out on your date, Little Miss Hissy Fit sent this e-mail...

"I am sooo grateful to have such wonderful parents. Have a great time!
Hannah & Emma"

And then you both began to cry.

Because you realize that the whole, "they grow up fast" has happened to you.

And the burden of that blessing is almost too much to bear.


Kelly said...

So sweet! These are the things we are praying continually for our girls, as well. Thanks for sharing!

Leslie said...

You win the "I Made Leslie Cry" Award for the day.

It's still early, so I'll say you won it for the morning. I'm pretty sure one of my kids will make me cry before the day is done.

Thanks for encouraging me to keep on praying and striving and hoping in God for my children.

margie said...

Okay yes, I too am crying! How sweet is this! It sure makes me wish we lived closer so our girls could be friends!

Kelly said...

So precious, and I'm crying too!

blbarber said...

Awesome. Anyone who can appreciate a good Piper quote has to be sharp.

Anonymous said...

you are not suppose to make gigi cry!! And ya' went and done it!!!!
Hugs & kisses to all!!!

Anonymous said...

Precious Hannah Marie! I love you, and remember having a big belly with your momma when that happened! I can't wait to see you and kiss your face!