Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Before and After

Ya'll remember my red dining room? This is how our dining room looked until last fall. Then we invited strange men to come into our home and crank power tools all day and knock out walls and eavesdrop on my first year of homeschooling.... while pregnant.

Don't you know they left with some STORIES. TO. TELL.

Here is a during picture. This was not too long before Benjamin's arrival. I can tell you that my nervous system was in overdrive.

But if you have been pregnant, then you can just take a look at the photo and gather that.
This was sort of in-between. The rooms were finished but I was waiting for my wonderful table from Kelly. This table is only a couple feet long with the ends dropped and all the leaves removed. With all the leaves it is ginormous! It practically stretches across the entire room. We use it the way it is in the picture but it is nice to know we have seating when necessary.

I also was clinging desperately to this light fixture. I love it very much. It injured many a construction worker and it drew blood from my own scalp a time or two during the remodel phase...but I still loved it. I eventually caved and replaced it. (sniff)

Kelly took such good care of this beautiful antique table. I wonder what she will think when she comes over and sees the formula for a right solid carved into it?
Little Man's Office...
Some stuff to learn...
I love my pocket chart calendar! I am a furreal teacher ya'll! Those fall crafts on the bookcase are mostly from the girls. Because they went to the same preschool many moons ago they did the exact same crafts. I love those pilgrims. Samuel will have to make his set next month :)
Our nature wreaths. The bottom one is Samuel's. Notice the symmetry.

Son + Father = Same Person

I love our homeschool room! We have finally figured out how to store our books and our work. Last year was so trial and error and I was plum fed-up with the error part. I could still use more bookcases (who couldn't?) but for now it feels really good.

I plan on taking more pics of Benjamin's room because it is so sweet it'll make your teeth hurt. All the stress of construction was so worth it. I would do it all again!

You can re-visit the pictures from the remodel process by clicking on the "Addition" label below.


Wendy said...

looks great! what did you do with that pretty chandelier?

Anonymous said...

I love it...it's so you and so homey, warm, and a blessed place for your children to learn. Can't wait to see it in person!