Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Samuel's Curriculum


Phonics - Sonlight: Sounds, Letters, & Easy Words, Handwriting Without Tears, Language & Thinking for Young Children, Explode the Code (Get Ready for the Code)

We were fortunate to have a friend who homeschooled her daughter last, using the Sonlight Core package for kindergarten and is allowing us to borrow it this year for Samuel! We will only be using the phonics and handwriting portions because I had already picked out our math curriculum.

Math - Saxon Math K: We will be using manipulatives and starting the basic math program with Saxon.
We will be using this calendar to start the day:
With this pocket chart stand that Dad is making for us:
You can get the directions here. It is very simple and MUCH cheaper than the metal stands. We won't be painting ours and I might have him put it on casters so we can move it around easier.

We don't believe it is necessary to start formal instruction for science and history until he is older, so Samuel will enjoy the hands-on activities and field trips with the girls, without an actual history or science curriculum dedicated to kindergarten.

Art - Drawing With Children

P.E. - Soccer (fall), Basketball (winter), T-ball (spring)

Bible - Leading Little Ones To God & Drawing to Learn the Book of Proverbs

I forgot to mention the Draw to Learn curriculum in yesterday's post but we will begin our day using these lessons during our circle time. I cannot tell you how valuable Kendra's blog has been to me during this process. So many awesome ideas!!!

Of course, circle time will look different for each family and ours is no exception. I am positively certain that we will revamp this part of our day countless times based on the ages of my children, the seasons (holidays & weather) and our circumstances. But for starters it will hopefully go something like this:


Praise: Emma will play guitar and Hannah will play piano...I am giddy about this!

Scripture: We will read from Proverbs as we go through the Draw to Learn lessons.

Drawing to Learn: Complete the devotion and drawing

Memorization - this may be scripture, poetry, catechism...basically whatever we want ;)

Veritas song: Samuel learned this last year and to hear him chant, "THIS WAS MONOTHEISM!!!" is a hoot if nothing else.

Write thank-you's or birthday cards: We I really struggle with this so it seems fitting to use my entire family as a means of accountability. This art of hospitality and gratefulness is rare nowadays so I hope our efforts are consistent!

Of course every cotton-pickin' thing that I have listed these last two days are "subject to change" "a moments notice"......"at the drop of a hat"....."in a red-hot minute" because that is the beauty of homeschooling.

If it doesn't work. We change it.

Our desire is to honor God. That is easily lost in the ambitious plans of one well-meaning momma. My prayer is to be motivated by God's word and his commandments through scripture. I am blessed to be given this opportunity and I am excited to begin this journey for another year.

Tomorrow I will expose the magic of cramming 87 hours of school in just 4 or 5....and it's not all smoke and mirrors!


Kelly said...

Parker uses Saxon math at school and we have been very impressed. They also use little chants to learn things like doubles and +2. It is really good. She started fractions last week and I was blown away!
Blessings for a great school year!

Leslie said...

You know I love these kinds of posts. And you gave me pictures!

We've also enjoyed Sonlight and Saxon. Yesterday, B had an assessment that he didn't enjoy, though.