Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More about the good times...

Time for another installment of : "We went to Maryland and can't stop talkin' about it!"

While we were there, we ate some dee-liciously yummy food.

I mentioned in a previous post that the shrimp salad Lea Ann brings to the pool is yummy. The fact that she brings shrimp salad, rather than $4.37 is beyond me. I mean, $4.37 can buy you a bounty of fried up goodness from the concession stand. For goodness sakes, I can't make some of that stuff at home so I am just trying to take advantage the rare culinary opportunity.

Otherwise known as....FUNNEL CAKES!

But she's all, "Just let me whip up some little gourmet wraps with seasoned veggies and creamy sauce and couple that with a side of fresh fruit salad....it's easy!"

And then when she turns around I pretend to wrap my hands around her neck.


She inspires me. On so many levels.

Ya'll. When she takes her kids to ball practice, the girl packs them dinner almost Every. Single. Night.

And I ain't talking sandwiches here. I mean lasagna, burritos, chicken salad, etc.....She is a genius with the thermos, I tell you. Don't you think that would make a great cookbook?

"Meals On The Sidelines....The Soccer Mom's Healthy Guide To A Hot Dinner"

Anyway, here is a crockpot recipe that has become one of my very favorites!

Spicy Shredded Beef

1- 2lb boneless roast

1 package fajita seasoning

2 TB olive oil

2 cans stewed tomatoes

1 can Rotel

Rub all sides of roast with the fajita seasoning. Sear in hot oil on all sides until browned. Combine tomatoes (do not drain) in large crock pot. Add browned roast to tomatoes and cover with any remaining seasoning. Cook 6 hours or until meat is tender and shreds easily. Remove roast and shred. Return meat to crock pot and mix. Serve over white rice.

-Add an extra can of tomatoes and more fajita seasoning if you use a larger roast.

-Leftovers are great! Drain excess liquid from the tomato gravy and wrap the beef/tomato mixture in a flour tortilla. Warm at 300 degrees and enjoy ;)


Anonymous said...

You're too kind, but always good for the ego! The next time I am asked if/when I'm going back to work, I'll just respond that I am writing a cookbook! Can I have that title? Love ya, L

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

That recipe sounds DELISH! I'm always up for a new crockpot recipe- THANKS!

Wendy said...

Enjoying your posts lately.
That recipe sounds good! Thanks!