Monday, July 14, 2008

More about blogs I read...

I finally updated my sidebar to include several links to blogs that I love and have been reading for a while. I will try to write a little about each of them in the coming days (which means....if I have time or if I can remember).

For now, I'll tell you about Preschoolers and Peace. I found Kendra's blog through Kim's sidebar and I loved it from the very first visit. What an organized momma! Charts! Schedules! Ideas! Crafts! Oh, she speaketh my love language!

Plus, she has this wealth of knowledge in homeschooling and parenting, being that she is the mother of 8 precious children. I was a daily visitor to her blog when I sat down one morning just a few short weeks ago and found that their newest baby, Joseph, was not well and had been taken to the nearest hospital. Little Joe was just over a month old and over the course of several days, his little body appeared to be under viral attack. This sweet family who had shared their wisdom and love for God was in need of prayer.

I found myself in a bizarre but very real state of genuine love and concern. I didn't even really know these people. I mean, Kendra (Joe's momma) wrote with candor and humility in a way that made me feel like I knew her, but still.....this was the blog world. I prayed and watched...

  • Watching this tiny baby fight through the illness that was seeking to overtake his system was so difficult.
  • Watching this family glorify God daily, exemplified what it means to serve a holy and sovereign God.
  • Watching their church rally around them in prayer and love brought tears to my eyes.

Watching them bring home Mighty Joe, who has made a healthy recovery, has been the sweetest blessing. Even though I do not know them, I know their Savior and I have counted it a priviledge to be in prayer to Him, for them, over these last several weeks.

Read His story of provision in the life of Mighty Joe by starting at the beginning right here. As you follow along, trace God's hand in the day to day allowance of grace and love as he covers this family.

And, if you visit Kendra's blog, be sure and check out that sidebar with it's Pages! and Topics! It is a plethura of ideas and encouragement :)


Kenj said...


I am sitting here feeding Mighty Joe and chills are running up and down my arms as I read this post. Isn't God absolutely beyond measure??? That He would cause so many to reach out to us through Joe's story is amazing in itself; that He would bring glory to His name through our suffering is the sweetest story of all.

Thank you for faithfully praying for us.


4kids&luvit said...

oooh...can't wait to meet Kendra and her crew through the blog. Thanks for introducing us:)