Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Visit From Uncle Curt....

Chris' youngest brother visited from Florida a couple of weeks ago and I am just now getting around to posting some pictures. Curt is the youngest of the three brothers and is stationed in Jacksonville serving our country in the Navy. You can bet that when he showed up here in his uniform, Samuel nearly came out of his skin!

We drug him around treated him to the pleasures of our busy weekend full of games and birthday parties.

Curt and his wife are expecting their first child this fall, so I only thought it fair to give him a taste of the glorious life that is to come! This precious baby spit up all over my brother-in-law and he didn't bat an eye.

What a pro.

Does he or does he not look like he is nursing my baby? TOO FUNNY!

We had such a nice visit and enjoyed spending time together. Curt couldn't keep his hands off our baby (who could blame him?) I especially relished the extra set of hands! He is going to make such a fabulous daddy!

I can't wait to meet their precious baby and be an Aunt for the first time :)
Congratulations Curt & Cinda!!!


Mississippi Songbird said...

I'm blog surfing.. Enjoyed reading your blog. it's lovely.. God Bless you..

Kim said...

Yes! He does look like he is nursing Benjamin! So funny!!!

I'm glad you had a nice visit. Congrats on being a new aunt soon!