Saturday, May 10, 2008

To Make Jenn Feel Better....

In an effort to completely expose myself and make Jenn feel better, I offer this little ditty about life......and my brain.

A while back, we celebrated Emma's birthday with some friends. As soon as we returned home, Emma completed her thank-you cards. The cards had an opening for a photo. I promptly saved the photo of Emma and her friends on to a memory card and hustled out to Target to print them for the oh-so-timely thank-you cards.

I was on a mission.

But there was a line at Target.

A long line.

And here is where my brain starts to short-circuit. At that moment, my thoughts are suddenly drifting...drifting...drifting away from the photo machine and over to the earring section......then the paper towels.....then the guitar picks......

And then.

I have forgotten ALL about the pictures.....Until a couple of months later! Then I remember! I need to print those pictures! And mail them! Right this very minute!

So I went to Target and I printed those pictures. Then I came home and hastily shoved them into the thank-you/photo cards. Then I mailed them.


I got this message from one of Emma's friends. Something like, "hey, Emma....I like got like Megan's like thank-you card, uh, what's like up with that, like?"

I thought for a minute. "Sweet little Emma. She is so flighty and absent-minded. She is such a kind-hearted but forgetful little soul".

Then I remembered.


I took those pictures and put them into envelopes without a single solitary thought about the corresponding envelopes. So we have figured out now that Elizabeth has Megan's card & Haleigh got Elizabeth's card and Skylar probably has Haleigh's card and so on, and so on, and SO ON!

It's at the end of days like this when I question my ability to educate these children....or wash their underwear for that matter.

So this is a shout out to all of Emma's friends from her like well-meaning and like absent-minded mother.....

Consider yourself thanked.

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