Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I was working myself up a little post about this but then I read this and as usual, she said it better than me :)

From Amy:

Why don’t we independent types support autonomous businesses to do what they want with their money? It is not public money; it belongs to Subway to do whatever they want with it. If homeschooling exists because of the freedom allowed by the Constitution for parents to raise their children how they see fit (children belong to parents, not the state), then Subway ought to be afforded the same freedoms to give their money to non-homeschoolers (after-tax money belongs to Subway, not the state). It’s consistently applying the same principles, even when we don’t like it.

Certainly, we have to take a stand for Christ, live in a way that glorifies Him, honor our husbands, care for and discipline our children, & wash oil out of their hair, but.....finding fault with Subway and spending a precious moment over this issue would not reflect good stewardship of my time.

I got stuff to do.

Lots and lots of stuff.

I agree with Amy.....except I'll head to Jason's Deli! Mmmmm....Turkey Muffaletta!

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