Friday, May 02, 2008

Poppin' A Fat Wheelie....

My husband has been taking the cul-de-sac by storm lately. In the evenings he makes a few innocent laps around the circle with the kids and most always shows off his wheelie poppin' and wheelie ridin' skillz.

It is more than a sight to behold. The kids are impressed and I have to admit, that I myself, have never accomplished the full-on wheelie ride.

The pop? Yes.
The ride? No.

So I was a bit jealous, you could say. And mercy, Samuel is just salivating for the day when he can launch that front tire into the air with such ease and grace as his father.

It's called setting an example, people.

So. The other night the kids (including dad) were out doing the bike-ridin' thing and Dad popped and rode another one of his infamous wheelies.

And the front tire rose off the ground with some lightning quick speed that would make Knievel proud. And Dad rode that wheelie like he was on his way to Ringling Bros. And the kids were cheering his name. And he never felt more proud than right then when he was mastering the wheelie. And did I mention that he was poppin' these fantastic wheelies on a mountain bike?

And then.

The tire that was poised so perfectly in the air began to come down.

But it didn't come down the way it came up.

It came down after making a full and complete circle which dumped my husband FLAT on his tail.

Are you getting the complete picture? My husband flipped his bike over on top of himself. On the asphalt. In front of our children. In front of our neighbors.

Children are panicked so Dad quickly pops up (mistake #1) and says "I'm okay" (mistake #2) and acts as though he might saddle up that two-wheeled pony again.

The wiser and older children are, at this point, pleading for him to not EVER do it again. He sauntered off into the house, as though he was no worse for the wear.

Dad came in the house and when there were no children around, he quit standing upright (for several days) and began to cry like a little girl.

Not really.

But I think he is still walking with a limp.

My wheelie-popping husband at 8-years old....
I think the banana seat makes all the difference in the world.


Wendy said...

Love the banana seats - brings back memories!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're husband is so cool.

Tracy said...

I feel bad...I was laughing so hard reading this, poor guy!