Sunday, May 11, 2008


As a gift to my mother-in-law who loves, loves, loves pictures of all the children I decided to dress everyone in their Easter gear since on Easter Sunday, we were at home trying to kill-off the Mono.

So here are the kiddos in their Easter Mother's Day outfits!

We went to our favorite Japanese restuarant for lunch and since our church service lets out at 11:30, we totally dodged the whole Mother's Day crowd :)

Aren't we polished and refined?
Well-mannered and well-bred?

What you don't see in these pictures is Samuel playing the drums with the chopsticks on our tea cups and eventually knocking over his Sprite.

Cake? At home? Cold Stone Creamery? FOR ME????

Because it is so much fun taking pictures of *EVERY*SINGLE*BODY* we I decided to continue the festivities once we got home!


More pictures!

And after only 322 tries, we have a winner!

Of course, the kids would have been happy with this shot.

And I would have been happy with this one.

Happy Mother's Day Everybody!


4kids&luvit said...

Beautiful pics- you have a lovely family! Happy Mother's Day!

Tracy said...

Man, I don't look at your blog for a FEW DAYS and boy did I miss a LOT! Your boys are SO CUTE! (of course your girls are beautiful!), you look great and CONGRATULATIONS that the baby is sleeping through the night!!!!! That is a feeling you don't forget. Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...


Oh.My.Goodness.At.the.Cuteness.and preciousness.and sweetness.

Tiffany said...

They are precious! I love the peace sign picture too guys! I love seeing the real personalities coming out! Glad you are all better now sweet Sam!

Kim said...

Beautiful pictures, Kim!