Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Hedge Of Courtesy

This is a very well written article by Nancy Wilson regarding the varying methods that Christians may apply to the same biblical principles.

I wish I could say that I have approached friends and family whose methods may be different from mine, with grace and understanding....but I cannot. Often I find myself with so much well-meaning zeal and conviction that I completely negate the scripture which first commands me to love and I skip straight to the part that supports my argument.

My zeal ends up making me look more like a know-it-all than a Christ-follower.
Thankfully, I am made new each day.....and thankfully my friends and family still love this know-it-all.

This was a good read for me....

"A tenderhearted sister is not on a soapbox, preaching her method without care for the condition of her sisters."


Wendy said...

Very good reminder. Thanks!

Tracy said...

I do find myself doing that at times. I was just having a similar discussion about this issue with an older women in our church. The thing is sometimes I don't say some of those things, but I DO think them! That is such pride. Many of my very close friends and I have the same goals for our children (the goal of seeing them complete in Christ), but our prefrences on "how" we do certain things can vary.

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