Friday, January 18, 2008

123 Crazy Street

That would be my address.....if my address was descriptive of where I live.


Early each morning, I sit down to write a post about biblical theology, homeschool blessings, courtship versus dating, biblical womanhood, the Iowa Caucus, or any number of thought-provoking issues.


Somewhere around sentence two, my doorbell rings and men arrive that are eager to fire up air-compressors and chainsaws. The dog starts to alternately bark and pee. Samuel comes running out of the downstairs bathroom with his underwear around his ankles.

And my ribs start to hurt.

I am beggin' for some mercy and because I lay my head on a pillow at night where I manage to wake up the next day, I am confident He is supplying that mercy.

Pregnancy in this stage certainly presents it's challenges. Add to that, 1/2 dozen men who are traipsing through my house with all sorts of debris on their shoes and clothes, while taking notes of my short-temper....Well, it's no great stretch of the imagination that I am a teensy bit on edge.

So. How 'bout some pictures instead of belly-aching? It is far more interesting and does not lend to my selfish desire to throw hissy-fits.

Some of these pictures are a couple of weeks old. Certainly, I will receive no grief for this. Certainly, because most of you know what's good for you.

This is what happens when Project Runway meets Spiderman:

That is not a blueberry pancake. That is my daughter's leg after missing a back-walkover on the beam. Bruises like this are viewed as badges of honor:

Singing the Veritas History song....with hand gestures:

This is where we put the dog while we eat, so he can feel tortured and deprived.
Seriously, this is where the dog "chooses" to torture himself. I couldn't resist this picture.

I took this picture several weeks ago. I have so much to learn about my camera and so it's not the greatest but I still thought it was cool.

And here are some pictures of the thorn in my side wonderful addition we are so very blessed to have being built:

This is the dining room which lead into the new family room. All of our junk valuable antiques are covered in this room to help ward off the continual shower of sheet rock. The rest of the house, however looks like it has been sprinkled with baby powder.

It's a great combination for a pregnant lady who is ready to clean and nest. (sarcasm intended)

The new family/playroom:

The landing upstairs...we like to pretend that it's summertime at the Outer Banks with all the beach towels and such:

Sweet Baby's Room:

Emma's room (a window was moved from one wall to the other)

The doctor has scheduled my induction for Tuesday, January 29th. One of the girls asked me last night at bedtime if the doctor was "making" the baby come on that day and I told her yes.

She then asked, "Why won't the doctor make the baby come now?"

And her told her....

"Because the doctor is evil and she hates me."

Since that is what I truly believe.

This post was written over a week ago and my how things have progressed! I saved it in my drafts and forgot about it.

Imagine that.


Kelly said...

Wow! The addition looks great; although it can't be easy to live in the drywall dust when you are days away from delivery!

Can't wait to see the ifnished product.

Kelly said...

I remember those last days of pregnancy and can't imagine drywall dust on my floors! I will be praying for you through these next few days!
By the way, it looks great!

Anonymous said...

I love the update with all the pictures! Bless you!!

Tracy said...

Your date is coming fast! Will all the work in the house be done by then?

My boys hated the Veritas song. It was this lady in a really high voice and it was kind of dippy. I tried to convince them that it wasn't that bad, and they went along with it until one day my husband (who they adore) walked in while we were listening to it and said "WHAT is THAT?"...done.

Wendy said...

That looks like it is going to be a great room!

I remember those last days, they seem to go forever and I didn't sleep well at all. Hang in there.

BTW, I haven't cut my hair yet. Still trying to convince my hubbie. He likes long hair. I just want a change for a little while. :)

Kim said...

It will be so worth it when the house is all finished! I admire you doing this while pregnant! I don't think I could manage...but I was really sick.

The add ons looks so great and spacious! How wonderful!

January 29!!!! I am so excited for you! Could you email me your mailing address? I would love to send a gift.