Thursday, December 06, 2007

Texas Trip....It ain't over yet

Our Ride...

Chris flew into Dallas a week after the kids and I had been hanging out with the Jolly's. I had arranged for a rental car for the week, so that we could get to San Antonio and visit with his family.

This was our first car rental and I spent several weeks researching prices and trying to find something to accommodate our family.

You see, in our real life we drive the largest SUV ever made. So large, in fact that they don't even make it any longer (sniff & sob) unless you are affiliated with the FBI. Road trips aren't so bad when we have the room to sprawl out.

So.....I was looking for a real SUV to rent which apparently isn't possible and the next best thing was hardly worth the money. Believe it or not, mini-vans were even more expensive than the small SUVs that were available. We had 10 bags of luggage, and a solid 5-hour drive from Dallas to San Antonio so we needed lots of trunk space.

When I found out that the cost of a luxury car rental was the same as a mid-size SUV (think...Trailblazer or Jeep Cherokee) I thought it might be fun to actually have a car for the week, since Chris and I both are always in big trucks at home. Plus, after baby #4, a car would not be an option again for a very long time.

Was it fun? More like funny.

Like the time I stopped for a bathroom break in Hico, Texas at one of the only two gas stations in town and I came out...... and saw the pearlized white Lincoln with the sunroof.... and my husband in his camouflage baseball cap at the wheel.....and the back end of the Town Car lower than the front because of all the luggage....and my three kids tattooed to the back seat.....Well....

I had to go to the bathroom again.

It is just sooooo different from us. I could not stop laughing every single time I saw this car.

It didn't help when Chris started off the trip by calling from the airport saying he would be there in a little bit, but he needed to make a stop first.

For his velvet hat with a large feather tucked inside.

Anyhoo, our ride was smooth. It was comfortable. And let me tell you that the trunk rivals our garage for storage space.

The drive down to San Antonio was not the most pleasurable for me and I think I actually said at one point that I would rather give birth at that moment than deal with the sickness that was plaguing me.

Not pretty.

Enjoy the music today? It reflects the personality of the car, not the blogger but it was so appropriate I just couldn't resist.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for 'splainin' the music for today. Do you have a picture of the velvet hat and feather on Chris' head?

Jenn said...

Reminds me of Granny's hoopde that we took to the mountains!

Tracy said...

HA! Yea, so not us either...although we are using a loaner van while our car is being fixed from the deer hitting it (like that wording?) and Ethan says to me today..."I think our green car is in here somewhere" That's how small it is. really.

Kelly said...

Hilarious- especially the music.

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh!!! I just had to run to the bathroom myself!!! Or as little Samuel says, "Where's the BAPHROOM?" I don't know where you found that song, but yes I do agree it should be the motto song for this slick pearly ride of yours!

It was fun to watch y'all drive off in this...kinda made it easier to not bawl my eyes out anyway.