Friday, December 28, 2007

December Blessings....

I fell behind on blogging during our trip to Texas and I am still trying to catch up. I love having the blog as a place to visit our memories, as I have never done a great job at scrapbooking or journaling.

Truth-be-told, I seldom even get my pictures printed, much less into an album. I used to go to the Lurker's house and pull all-nighters trying to get my pictures organized and then adding some beautiful sentiment to my pages while using scissors and die-cuts with grace and ease.

The problem was, I usually went home in a pout because I had cut off one of my children's ear-lobes or my messy penmanship ruined the whole page.... all the while Lea Ann's albums looked like pieces of art. It was a real boost to the ol' self esteem.


Thank you for never making me use a glitter pen or a 3-dimensional pop-up.
I love you.

Now I will share pictures from the month of December that Gigi and the Lurker will surely appreciate :)

Emma competed in the Christmas meet at her gym that also served as the last Sectional Qualifier. She needed a 7.8 on the vault (last element) in order to qualify and scored ......a........


That's Emma on the left...

A couple of weeks ago, we spent the morning at our local mall and followed our tradition of:

*Train Ride
*Pretzel Bites
*Picture with Santa

During co-op we celebrated the birth of Jesus with a special cake and song and then the kids all decorated gingerbread graham cracker houses lumps.

Our church family went caroling and handed out one of John Piper's books, "Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ".

The winds were crazy that night, but we had so much fun in spite of it. Notice the small children at risk for frostbite. We include small children in everything...even frostbite.

Ya'll, there were people who opened the door for our children....took the book....saw us singin' our hearts out and then they.... SHUT....THE....DOOR.


We are singing "Oh, Holy Night" with our wigs about to blow off and there were people who actually shut the door in our face.

It tad bit humbling.

Merry Christmas ya'll.
I hope your front door falls off.

The girls and I made this fabulous gingerbread tree from scratch.

You fell for that? I already told you I can't even use a glitter pen.
This was from a kit and was really easy. I did have to make my own icing because the cement that it came with just didn't do the trick ;)

I love the Mistletoe Yankee Candle. It smells just like a Douglas Fir but without putting my sanity in jeopardy.



Jenn said...

You made that plastic tray for the gingerbread tree too didn't ya?

Kim said...

I love everything...esp the gingerbread tree...that is too cute! We used a kit for our gingerbread house,too. I'm not crafty AT ALL. So, I do take the easy way out on lots of things pertaining to crafts.

I'm like you about the scrapbooking. I have one I made for Evie's first year. I'm very proud of it even though it doesn't look that great. Gracie has kept up our other scrapbooks for the younger kids...she loves scrapbooking and does a great job, so that is her designated *craft*. I do keep my photo albums up to date as best I can. But, I can relate to what you said. The blog has been wonderful for me to just write and share a little of what is going on in my is easy and I LOVE it!

I'm glad you all had a nice Christmas! It all looks like lots of fun!

Kim said...

Oh, and what a great idea to pass out the Piper book! I will have to remember that! Our friends bought 100 or so of one of Piper's books(I can't remember which one right now...the one with the gospel pretty spelled out) when they were on sale for 50 cents a piece...He gives them out to clients/customers (he sells insurance). I love that!

I can't believe people closed the door on you guys! You don't look THAT scary.

Tracy said... mom just got that same candle for Christmas and I love it too...

We did the whole caroling thing and handed out books but I made up nice gift bags with a candle, cookies, an ornament, and bookmark and books. They looked so pretty. There were about 40 of us who went caroling but same as you the winds were unreal...add to that rain so hard that we were laughing as we peeled our songsheets apart and squeezed the water off of them while trying to sing verse 3 of O Come All Ye Faithful and it dropped over 10 degrees from the time we started until we all went back soaked. Small children did NOT come. We had about another 30 people (counting small children) at the church making us hot cocoa and cookies...nice!

Congratulations to Emma! ...and the grahm cracker houses are a great idea. We never do those anymore because I never have anywhere to put them... (tiny kitchen)

Wendy said...

Love that candle too. Looks like you have had a great December.

I tried the gingerbread kit this year and I loved it. I won't be doing the homemade again, it took forever and the kit seemed to produce the same happy results from the kids. :)