Friday, November 02, 2007

A Motley Crew

Don't ask how the girls came up with their costumes. I am not sure how more polar opposite two people could be, than that of a geisha and Napoleon Dynamite. Too bad we weren't in Texas with the Jolly's because unbeknownst to us, Jeffrey had gone as Pedro.

Coincidence? I think not.

Rather, I think that our oldest two children love to make people laugh and are quite good at doing so.

Samuel managed to keep Mr. Incredible in one piece for the actual trick-or-treating event but after a wearing the costume as a ditch-digging uniform, I had my concerns.

I think Emma made a beautiful geisha, but she kept insisting on this serious frown in all the pictures, so we discussed the difference between the geisha and the sumo wrestler.....which she was not. I managed to coax a smile....

We went to Dusty's house for chili and rotel cheese dip. I avoided both like the plague and ate cornbread and Butterfingers all night, which agreed with my stomach much better.

Napoleon spent a great deal of time agonizing over chapstick.

The neighborhood was relatively quiet, but the kids managed to gather a fair amount of loot. I have used my pregnancy to play each one of them like a fiddle, in order to acquire chocolate by the pound.

According to the scale....several pounds.

I posted a picture of Dusty's youngest as a pirate with a pacifier because he was way cuter than a pirate was supposed to be.

What a fun night!


Tracy said...

I don't ask my kids (I don't have the "pregnancy" excuce) I just take. Whatever they get belongs to, well, them, but I take anyway! Ethan was the only one who wanted to go this year (he was the cutest little fireman) becaue the boys thought it would be more fun to stay home with daddy who told all the kids at school they wouldn't get candy if they showed up without a costume...but even better (and I WISH I had some pictures of the wonderful evening) they (daddy being the ring leader) filled HUGE super soaker water guns and those without costume (and there were suprisingly many) got SOAKED by the Marshall crew! The boys had a ball with that, and my husband...well, lets just say he spends a little TOO much time with 7th graders! :)

Tracy said...

I forgot to say that your kids looked GREAT!

Wendy said...

Those are great! I love the Napoleon!

Oh yes, I have had a few Butterfingers in the last couple days. :)

Christina said...

Great pictures! I'm glad you had fun.

Kim said...

Your crew looks great! It sounds like a fun evening!