Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Glimpse of our Week...


Field Hockey....done


WAHOO! The weather has changed and it is officially fall and we are entering our blessed stage of rest. I could not be more ready :)

Hannah had a great time with XC but we think this may be her last year. She loves field hockey and will definitely continue that in the spring, but the demanding after-school schedule of XC practice (every day) really cuts into our homeschooling "freedom". She is a good runner and I hope to have gained a partner out of this! She shaved over 5 minutes off her time from the first race of the season and is definitely faster than me, even on my good days.

The county meet was last Wednesday where she ran for the JV team against almost 200 girls!

We took a week off from History in order to try and catch up on some household things. The dreaded switching of the clothes from summer to winter! Why does this project last for so many days??? I have tried really hard to purge the things that I know will cause conflict but it is not easy to part with perfectly good clothes. If you are reading this and wonder what kind of "conflict" I am talking about, then I welcome you to the world of...

"it's too itchy....it's too brightly colored....it's too hot...."

Otherwise known as,

"Hello? I am almost 13 and that shirt makes me look like I am like 11 and like 1/2!"

I am grateful that despite the picky nature of my daughters, modesty reigns supreme.

We are cracking down on the schoolwork this week in preparation for our trip to Texas NEXT WEEK!!! Our last trip was the summer of 06' and we are long overdue.

I am looking forward to some Whataburger, Blue Bell Ice Cream, and homemade flour tortillas.

Sorry...I faded away there for a minute while I fantasized about the flour tortillas.

Oh, and sure we are looking forward to seeing friends and family but I am trying to keep it real when I tell you that the ice cream and tortillas are running a close second.

The progress on our addition is going great. Since this picture was taken, a very large pile of sand was dumped in our front yard and Samuel has been salivating over it ever since.


Amy D said...

Hi! I saw your comment at Rocks in my Dryer about your husband playing against Shaquille O'Neal and had to come comment...
My high school's basketball team lost state championships against the the team that.... Shaquille O'Neal was on. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, are you traveling to your homeland by way of Maryland? Just asking.....L

Anonymous said...

It's getting downright cold here in Alabama this week, too! We did the dreaded pull-out-the-boxes-of-winter-clothes chore last week. Good times. Let me know if you drive through Alabama...

Jenn said...

I haven't done closets yet... The brick foundation is looking good - how exciting!

Tracy said...

I am with you on that clothes switch thing. Dread it. With my boys it is torture to get them to spend a half hour trying things on from last year. They would rather just assume it fits and go do something (anything) else!

It is great that your daughter likes to run! Dallas ran with me a bit this summer, but we were gone so much it never stuck.