Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More from the Selah getaway...

Here are a few more pictures from our trip last week.

As a side note and a way to vent without pulling out hair or scarring my children, I will say that getting text to align with my photos on this blog is like......plucking my eyebrows with chopsticks.......running 2 miles while I'm pregnant........Samuel sleeping past 6:30 a.m.......


So in an interest to stay out of jail due to blog-induced rage, I will recap the pictures for you right here...

Samuel and the Rhino made instant friends. When I walked around to his side to see if I should ride in the back I was quickly informed (by my son)

"Uh.....Ders no room for you mom"

Don't be fooled by that innocent picture of the glass jar filled with applesauce. I believe the devil himself could lure me into a pit of snakes with that stuff.

It is Pure-D goodness. Folks, it is apples and water. Period. I will post the complete recipe very soon.

Samuel ended up fishing in the pool because the weather was a bit uncooperative. It did not seem to matter to him one iota, did it?

After re-reading my post from last week, I realized that there were so many more plates spinning than I had mentioned.

When we decided to stay here (in this home) we decided there were some changes we needed to make to free up some space and update the house. Hardwood floors, decorating & painting Samuel's room and "new" bed, plans for an addition (playroom/guest-room with full bath), getting the "school" room organized, new shed which meant we had to clean out the garage.

You know your garage is in bad shape if you find yourself holding the skeleton of a frog in one hand and your 25 year old ballet shoes in the other.

There was crying. There was sweating. There was gnashing of teeth.

But now it's all finished!

I will post some pictures of the projects that have been springing forth in the next few days.

Don't burst a vessel waiting.


Kelly said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!
Your kiddos are so cute!
I love the fishing in the pool picture!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!

Kelly said...

Looks like a fabulous place to unwind and recharge:-)

Looking forward to pictures of the redecorating!

I just read your profile and laughed at you saying "Have mercy" all the time... I say that all the time, too, and now my 10 year old does, and that cracks me up! She sounds so cute when she says that or my other favorite, "My word!"...:-)

Tiffany said...

I love that boy! I can just hear him saying that the way you type it cute! The Hannah/tube pictures are sooo cute..starting to see a pattern! Emma Lou I love you girl!

Glad y'all had fun...can't wait for the applesauce recipe!