Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Leslie at Lux Venit has tagged me and awarded me the prestigious honor of "Thinking". The Thinking Blogger Award as a matter of fact. Oh yeah. I am carrying this puppy around so the next time my car keys are in the ignition of my locked vehicle or I show up at the dentist appointment with all three kids on the wrong week, I can whip out my "thinking award". When someone feels obliged to ask, "Why weren't you thinking???" You see my friends, it's not, "why wasn't I thinking?" but more likely "what was I thinking?" Because I think...a lot. Got it?

I suppose my awkward sentence structure & poor grammar are being overlooked and I can't see an award for either of these two in the near future. Oh well, as Pooh says, “I am a Bear of Very Little Brain, and long words bother me.” I am taking what I can get.

There are instructions about tagging others for this Thinking Meme but honestly the deep-thinkers that I read have already been tagged multiple times. I am bucking the rules here, but I would rather list the blogs that are thought provoking to me and give my little diddy about them. Most of you already read these blogs but if you don't, then start.

Blogging and blog reading can be consuming. I am pretty cautious about where I venture off to, how many blogs I read and who I put in my sidebar. It's overwhelming. Goodness gracious, when Leslie's on a roll, she writes enough deep thoughts to keep my brain firing off for days.

Here's the guys and gals that I think... think, real good:

Tim Challies @

Tim writes about bible study, church growth, the emergent church, evangelism, reformed theology, book reviews, and more and more and more. His ability to articulate and make sense of doctrine and stand firm on some of the most hotly debated topics in Christian circles today, make him a "must read" every day.

John Piper @ The Desiring God Blog

John Piper has a blog. Need I say more? Tim will most likely link to Piper's blog, but just to be both....every day.

Matt Mooney @ Matt & Ginny's Blog about Eliot

If reading Matt's blog does not illicit a deep thought and a complete reverence for Holy God, then I don't know what would. Take the time to read about Matt & Ginny's journey from beginning to end. It may take you all evening. It is worth it. Then watch 99 Balloons as a tribute to sweet Eliot and the impact his short life has made in this world. Matt has a way of being painfully honest and giving glory to God all the while.

I also read the lovely ladies in my sidebar almost everyday. Leslie makes my brain hurt sometimes (but in a good way) and Kim (Lifesong) is always writing exactly what I'm thinking, so sometimes...I just copy her. I'm good at that. Kelly (Spacious Place) is keeping us in the know on children's literature and I love checking in each week to see what she recommends. Jenn & Tiff are my friends in the flesh and I've seen them without makeup. That makes us close in a different way. I would love to meet the other people that I have come to know through blogging. It's a wonderful world...weird but wonderful.

Thanks Leslie!


Leslie said...

Thanks for your encouraging and sweet words about my blog....I guess I won't delete it today!

Wendy said...

Delete it? She better not!

I read those same blogs and they all make me think.

I love what you said, "weird, but wonderful," that is SO true!

Kelly said...

Okay, Kim, after having read your blog to Rick or making him read it himself for several posts in a row, he has now deemed me a lurker, too. You know how much I enjoy reading your blog because I've told you, but I'm happy for you that others tell you how much they enjoy it also (and recognize it for its good content!). As your friend "in the flesh" (as you deemed it), I well know how much you think and I LOVE IT!!! I love how much you think about things and how much you make me think about many different things. Thank you for sharing your other favorite blogs...and thank you for writing yours! Rick and I continue to say that you could absolutely write a book, a column, whatever you wanted to - so keep writing (and we'll keep reading)!

Kim said...

I am keeping my eye on you Leslie. If your post is a hot topic when I read it in Bloglines, then I just copy that little booger just in case your finger gets a little trigger happy.

Alright Kelly! You have delurked! Oh, what sweet things you say :)
(The check is in the mail...shhh)

Kim said...

Thanks,Kim, for your words of encouragement! We do think alike, don't we??? Kinda weird!...Your blog is and has been one of my all time favorites for many reasons...but mainly because we are truly kindred spirits and I KNOW we would be friends in real life. You have great insight and a funny way to say everything. I can vividly remember Mike and I sitting at the computer late one night and reading your post on southern talking where you said "sitdown in that buggy" as one well as many other hysterical sayings! We laughed for a LONG time that night and I can say one of those sayings now anytime and we both start laughing again!

We have definite blogging memories together!

Thanks again for your kind words.