Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sunday....more pictures

I'm nearly caught up with the picture posting. Aren't you glad Gigi? Here are pictures from Sunday. Yes, we still ate rabbit parts and we did hunt eggs in the afternoon. I love the idea of moving some of these traditions to another day so that we can focus on the glorious meaning of Resurrection Sunday. Still...there is something absolutely precious about little munchkins in their Sunday best, sprinting through the grass searching for treasure. Too sweet :)


Anonymous said...

Do you remember the first Easter egg hunt in your back yard at the yellow house on 1st street? We were soooooo young!!!! Makes me smile to remember all the Easters with y'all!


Kim said...

So cute and it looks like you all had a fun day!!! We had an easter egg hunt at our friends house that afternoon,too. My little ones really got into it!


Kim said...

I posted back to you on my blog...I never know where to comment back...anyway,

A question: Where did you get your girls dresses? They are so pretty!!! What size do they wear? I have trouble finding dresses for the sizes my girls are.


Christina said...

Cute pictures!

Kelly said...

What a wonderful day of celebration you had! Thanks for sharing a slice of life with us.