Monday, April 09, 2007

Celebrate Spring Break!!!

WAHOO! We are on Spring Break. It is 12:28 p.m. here in sunny Virginia and we are wearing our pj's....and likin' it.

Things on the agenda (per request of each child)

Emma- bowl or ice skate (thrill seeker)
Hannah - a trip to a historic park (wishes she rode a wagon to school)
Samuel - outside/to include sword fighting (easy enough)
Mom- PJ's on Monday (done deal)

Dad- oh daddy. We are sorry you are a grown up and have to make a living so we can live out our Spring Break Fantasies. We will come and heckle you at work this week. We will draw on your dry erase board, order up some M & M's from the vending machine and punch buttons on your phone. I'll make sure Samuel leaves a lasting impression on all your co-workers. It'll be swell!

Be prepared for posts galore coming' atcha this week. I have had some in the drafts for a bit, including Emma's birthday with friends & birthday dinner last week as well as Easter Festivities from the weekend. Oh yeah, and my 100th post which exposes 100 things about me. Oh the suspense! I know you are clenching the edges of your seat.... (and maybe your teeth as well)



Kim said...

Have a wonderful spring break! I love those pictures....your Hannah must be like my Abigail. Abigail(up until about 10 years old) wore her prairie dress, bonnet,carried a metal pail, with school books draped over her shoulder with a leather belt and played in our back woods. She loves that time era and still enjoys many things about it...but she is too *grown up* now at 12 to wear the dress. But it was adorable!

I am looking forward to your posts!


Kim said...

here's the

She got it for Christmas when she was 8 or 9, I think. I'll have to send you a picture of her in it.


Anonymous said...

Y'all have a great spring break! We had snow here in Texas on Easter weekend! IT'S CRAZY COLD BABY!!!!

Can't wait to hear and see all about your week off together!

I can't believe you have already gotten to 100 post my friend! You are on a roll and I'm thankful to have this blog to see and keep up with y'all! I'll try and do better!

Love you all,