Saturday, March 24, 2007

Please pray for Gabbie...

Would you please pray for sweet Gabbie? She is the most precious niece of my Texas sister, Tiffany. Gabbie was born almost 5 years ago, as Tiffany was here visiting me in Virginia for a Ladies Retreat at our church. Tiff would not be with her sister during Gabbie's birth and we prayed for Michelle (her sister) during that retreat weekend because we knew she would be having her baby girl very soon....but there was no indication of any complications prior to delivery.

As she made her way into this world, it was apparent that this beautiful little girl would be challenged by a condition called Spina Bifida and would forever change the lives of all those who would love her. This condition has presented physical challenges but provided so many beautiful opportunities for God to show His faithfulness and abundant grace in meeting the needs of this family.

Please pray for Gabbie this week as she undergoes surgery. She has a warrior momma who stands under a great weight of worry & responsibility. Let us also pray for her as God sustains her and keeps her strong....mind and body.



Anonymous said...

Just got an update... she is going to have this surgery done without any sedation since she developed pink eye and a cough over the last 24 hours! She can't feel anything so it shouldn't hurt, but she is not calm right now and hopefully they will give her something to calm down and maybe sleep through this. Thank you for your prayers!


Jill B said...

Praying that all went well with Gabbie's surgery. What a brave little girl and courageous family.