Monday, February 26, 2007

Preschool it's best

What you need to know is that the lock was placed on the *outside* of the gate with the sole purpose of keeping the boy inside the fence. I thought we had at least another year before he could reach over the top to flip the latch. I underestimate the boy.

I guess we will have to keep the prison yard free from sticks and do a pat-down search of all visitors to check for contraband.

Lord, please use this criminal mind to bring you glory. Amen.


Amanda said...

That's a boy for you!

Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog. They blessed me! I needed that today.

Kelly said...

I just found your blog through Amanda's. Loved your post about having your daughter and how it changed your life! So true... I feel like my life went from black and white to color the day my first daughter was born. Raising them is my greatest passion and I pray for the day I can be home with them full time!

Kelly said...

I am cracking up! My daughter and your son would be quite a pair!