Thursday, February 15, 2007

Picture Plethora

I have met people through blogging (what a sweet blessing) and I have friends who read my blog because they know about it, know me, and would rather read about my life and try to escape the "preach" through their obligatory reads of my blog. Then there is Gigi. Gigi is Chris' mom, very much vicariously my mom, and she is very far away (like, get in the car, drive until this time tomorrow, and you are still not there, kinda far).

She loves to be "in the know" and like most good grandma's, she loves to watch our kids be the very best gymnast, runner, reader, hopper, climber, grandbabies in the whole wide world! While I would rather her be watching from right here in my living room, curled up on the couch, peering over her book; I will take what I can get and give her a little bloggy peek, through my plethora of pictures.

Here's a glimpse of the last week. Happy Balentimes Gigi & Papaw! We love you and miss you very much.

Super Sam & Josh Groban (via the Internet) in their debut duet.

When you hear Josh Groban's name, you might think..."piano". Well Samuel would like for you to think..."guitar". There was no "joshing around" (hee-hee) when it came to this compilation. Sam was all business.

Teddy Bear Picnic- Gymnastics Meet

Sounds innocent enough, right? WRONG. Put a bunch of 6-12 year old girls together in room for several hours doing strenuous gymnastics routines and them taunt them with baskets of plush teddy bears that only a select few girls will go home with. Absolute mayhem. Sure, sure only the best get the "blue ribbons" or the "gold medals" but people....we are talking about teddy bears and you don't deny young girls teddy bears unless you want a full on riot. Well bring on the stun guns because it was not pretty. Emma shed her first tears at a gymnastics meet and it wasn't over scores, tumbles or pulled hamstrings. Nope. It was over those stinkin' bears. Some little well-intentioned child on her team (who by the way, went home with a bear) told my bear lovin' child that she would certainly get a bear, oh yes she would, without a doubt. Lies. The girl tells lies and she better keep that bear in a safe spot....that's all I've got to say.

Seriously, everyone did get a small red & white bear (not cuttin' it for little E) but at that point, Emma's hopes were dashed and the faucet had been turned on. Luckily in the pictures, she wasn't completely aware of the travesty which was about to unfold....

3rd Place Tie- Floor

5th Place- All Around

Here's a shot where she was leaping on the beam and then the body snatchers came to carry her off. Do I need help with action shots or what? I have taken -zero- action shots that have come out clearly, but check out the ones below, that we bought from a professional.

Sectionals Meet- January 2007

WARNING-the following pictures of Emma reflect how much she has grown in the last few months. Do not....I not view these photographs if you are feeling nostalgic, sentimental or just plain moody. Our little pickle is growing up and she has officially kissed the smocked dresses and mary jane's, goodbye. Oh well, she still let's me put her hair in pigtails and crawls in my lap every single day, so it ain't all bad.

I know, I know Gigi. You want to know about Hannah. Well, she stayed home from the meet and her field hockey practices don't start for a couple of weeks, so I'll have to take some pictures of her eating. Cause that is what she does. All the time.


Wendy said...

Such sweet pictures. My 4 yr. old is in gymnastics and loves it!

We keep our family updated through the blog too. They have appreciated that. Technology can be wonderful thing.

Amanda said...

Okay, you won't believe this but my four year old is OBSESSED with the guitar and our piano. In fact he is playing his guitar right now. He always has it in his hands. Every picture we have of him is him playing his guitar. So when I saw that picture of yoru little boy, it freaked me out. We don't know any other little boys obsessed with music like him.

Your kids are so beautiful!