Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I was tagged by Christina to answer a few little ditties about myself. Her questions are answered in more of an essay format, but I'm lazy so I copied the original quiz from Zoanna. It would be better if I tried to make it mysterious and changed a few around to let you guys try to guess but it seems funnier to just go with the one that was there....especially the first question.

1. Which dramatic role have I never had?

a. Rumpelstiltskin, title role, 4th grade skit
b. Amaryllis, piano lesson girl in "The Music Man", 6th grade, community musical
c Fairy in "Dance of the Swan" , 3rd grade ballet
d. Emily in "Our Town," high school play

None. BUT- I was Sleeping Beauty in the 2nd grade (ohhhhh- says the crowd) Now picture this. I attended school in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade in South Dallas and for most of those years I was the solo, uno, single, only one, nobody else, solitary......white girl. Yesiree, I was a little blue-eyed, freckled face sleeping beauty and my prince was a 7-year old black boy named Jerome. No big thang these days, but boy howdy it threw my daddy for a loop! It still makes me laugh out loud, just thinking about!!!

2. On which athletic team did I never compete?

a. softball
b. field hockey
c. tennis
d. swimming

O.K., now before my husband reads this and has a chance to comment on my athletic prowess, I will say that I didn't stand a chance. I had one of those crazy yelling daddy's that never made competitive sports much fun. I did however play one of the above sports (softball) but I stunk to the high heavens and spent most of the time in right field. We had never heard of field hockey until we moved to VA and drove by a field where some girls were practicing. Now our Hannah will start practice in just a couple of weeks! That should be interesting :) We did not have swimming teams in Texas that I knew of (back in the 80s) and my pagan family did play tennis on Sunday mornings, but I usually sat and guarded the comics and the donuts.

3. What kind of lessons have I never taken?

a. piano
b. riding
c. tap dance
d. etiquette

Well, (d) would be a given if you spent my time around me and mismatched purse and shoes. I took ballet, tap, and jazz for about 5 years and that was probably the greatest love/hobby/dream of my childhood. I never took riding lessons because we had horses and the lessons sounded something like this: GET BACK UP ON THAT HORSE AND QUITCHER CRYING..... We rode western and I did a few shows, but I always dreamed of learning to post and ride English, so........ I would tuck my hair in a baseball cap, tuck my jeans inside my boots and then lay out railroad ties in the pasture and make my Shetland pony, Sugar take the jumps! "Off you go Sugar, off you go!" while threatening to whip her with my flip-flop.
......oh did she ever hate me :)

4. Which type of vehicle have I never driven?

a. stick shift car
b. dirt bike
c. pickup truck
d. ATV

Well, we had all the above and I've driven all the above. As a matter of fact, for a good time, when we were in middle school, we would drive the truck around the pasture and pretend that we were cruising in town. Seriously. For hours and hours. It didn't take much, did it? As far as the stick shift, I learned on Chris' Toyota when we started dating. I was 17 years old and had driven a stick before (that's what I told him-wink, wink) After a couple of clutches I was all found out.

5. What is my favorite genre of literature?

a. historical fiction
b. science fiction
c. romantic fiction
d. nonfiction

Mostly nonfiction and blogging has definitely sparked my love for reading again. I do love fiction as well but I haven't read any lately. As a child, reading was a complete and total escape. I acted out so many of the plots that I read in my books and they were such solace for me. I am filled with a sweet joy when I see the love my girls have for reading.

OK, now the tagging part. I would love to hear from so many people, but then it leaves less people for those people to tag. (confusing?-hee hee)

Leslie, Jenn, Kim (Lifesong), & Kelly (A Spacious Place)...give us the skinny! Come on now, off you go!


Leslie said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll get right on it.

Christina said...

Thanks Kim, this was lots of fun!

Kelly said...

Love learning more about you! I guess I'm "it" now. I will get that posted soon.