Saturday, January 13, 2007

Run....Do Not Walk

We are headed out the door this morning, but I had to share some really important information to all my blogging friends who want to be good stewards and good shoppers (goes together, right?)

We stumbled upon the greatest sale that Old Navy has ever had (in my presence) yesterday afternoon. It runs through the weekend. All clearance stuff is 1/2 off the *clearance* price! We (me, two friends who stumbled with me) bought the same $75.00 coat for like $12.50!!!!! Lot's of fleece for $2-3. Christmas fleece pj bottoms for the girls were .97 !!!! Wonderfully soft women's robe that was regularly $40.00 for only $10.00. People, this is like free clothes with tax!!!!!

There was lot's of whooping and squealing and carrying on. So much so that the store manager had to get in the action when we were checking out because we would hold our item up to our girlfriend in the next line and yell out how much we had paid for it. For example:

Friend 1 says: Who'd ya get tha for?

Me says: I got this for Chris...... It was regularly $25.00.......I paid $3.00!!!!!

Manager says loudly to the entire store at the top of his lungs: SHE GOT IT FOR CHRIS AND SHE PAID THREE DOLLARS

This sort of banter went on until we managed to haul our loot out of the store before security realized that there had to be some sort of thievery going on!

I paid less for my entire TWO HUGE BAG purchase than the original price of the coat. Ladies and gentleMAN (husband, I know you are proud of the "gathering" that I did) here is the $12.50 coat.....


Kim said...

Wow! What great deals! I love that coat!

Jenn said...

I ran to the one at CTC last night and am planning on stopping by another one today. Thanks. I got a pair of maternity pants for $4.99!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! And the coat is super-cool! We should "dub thee" something. I dub thee "Countess of Clearance." I can't shop worth a flip--I am humbled in thy presence, O Great Shopper of the Shops.

Jenn--I had no idea Old Navy sold maternity clothes! Actually, I can't recall the last time I shopped in Old Navy... :(

Christina said...

We live no where near an Old Navy, so I'm going to check on-line. Thanks for the heads up. Both my older kids have grown so much that none of their pants fit!

Kelly said...

What a fantastic coat!

janiswrites said...

That is a beautiful coat. What a great deal! I am trying to stay away from the stores right now-we don't really need anything and I am sure to buy. God has been speaking to me about it and I am trying to be obedient. BooHoo! Blessings to you!

Kelly said...

I went today and can not believe all the things I bought for next to nothing! I got lots for next winter! Bradley always needs pj's and I got some for $3.
I love clearance sales!!!!