Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mud Croissants

OK, so it's not a *Monday Menu* item, but hey you never know if someones got a hankering for some baked mud.

Beyond our little fence there is a small wooded area that backs up to about 10 acres of open field where some horses live. When we first moved here, we had several discussions about the difference between "pretending" and "lying" in regard to the horses. You see, my girls desperately wanted people to believe that the horses belonged to us, because in their minds....they did. After much deliberation, they now understand that while they have named the horses and fed them carrots and scream hysterically if one of them gives a snort; that doesn't make them "their" horses.

The little wooded area has been a place where the kids have made many memories. It seems that a common theme to their "pretend play" is that they are orphans and that their mother is dead. This disturbs me, but I will not read into that. They have even named it "Terabithia" after a book that they read in 4th grade. While I am not thrilled to be ousted from their backyard world, it does bless me to see them out there...together.....loving each other......without a mom.

It also helps to foster my love for the country because I just look out my backdoor and pretend that we are living in the boonies and my kids are lost in their imagination playing on our sprawling mass of land-(mom's can pretend, too)

I thought you might enjoy the ingredients for one of the many delicacies that are prepared back in the Land of Terabithia. Here is the recipe for Mud Croissants that I found handwritten by my oldest:

Materials Needed:

Mud (duh)
Minerals (do you get these at Wal-mart?)


Make mud in bowl & stir
Add minerals & mix
Spoon more mud and piece to brick (not sure how to "piece")
Cut off leftovers & flatten out
Place each on tray
Leave in sunlight for about a day or more

Here is a picture of some of the necessary tools:
(the dump truck is often used as a mixing bowl----resourceful, huh?)


Kelly said...

Loved the post. I have to admit, I was a mud pie-maker as a kid with my brother. We spent hours in the woods behind our house. SO much better than video games!

Anonymous said...


Perhaps the brick is the croissant mold?

You know, there is a movie coming out soon based on that book.

janiswrites said...

That is awesome. Allowing kids to use their imagination only helps them to soar to new heights! Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Kelly - I was a mud pie-maker as well. It must be in the genes :) I loved using tin pans and sticks to make birthday cakes!

Leslie - We saw the previews for that before Charlotte's Web last week. It looks kinda weird? My girls said that the images were nothing like what they would have imagined. Isn't that always the way it is?