Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Still Kicking....

I am certain that life everywhere at this time of year is crazy and that all the moms I've come to know through blogging can certainly relate to the busyness of the season - but I have come to realize that I must be worse. I have managed to procrastinate on every single responsibility that comes with Christmas. Cards, wrapping, shopping, baking, singing, being filled with joy and nostalgia, wearing something red and glittery just once.....ALL OF IT. As my vision began to get narrow and I started to see images of an empty tree, crying children, and my reputation for "keeping traditions" dwindling in the moonlight, I pulled myself together and slapped both my cheeks really hard and prayed for clarity. The slapping had to happen first but the prayer was the necessary component. Of course I know that in the scheme of things that my to-do list is so trivial and meaningless. Maybe that's why I put it off.... maybe I was just rejecting the commercialism and wanting to give no credence to the hoopla..... (not). Truth-be-told, I was in my ho-hum mood before this season began because I knew that there needed to be some changes made. Expectations that I must relinquish and ......the dreaded word.......disobedience. Disobedience to God's word regarding discipline. Therein lies the heart of the issue. Sin. Forever present and oh so cleverly hidden. Of course, never from God so as we embarked on the month of Christ's birth it was not going to be possible to carry on as if I did not have *other* work to be doing. So I have been missing for a week or so. I posted on Samuel's birthday about sovereignty and where I began to bow my head to His complete rule over my life. It was so amazing to see the words that I have been struggling to put together since that journey began. Then blogger pulled a nasty and I thought I was going to absolutely lose my mind! I'm sure you can relate.

I am realizing some definite scheduling errors and of course the typical *over-commitment* faux pas, but I have pulled out my snowflake earrings, taken the Christmas card photos (see the rejects) and I'm ready to go! Even though I have bombed big time, in the last week I have been moving at head-jerking speed and boy howdy my kids can give some testimony to it!

"Hannah, grab a wiener and a can of peaches! You've got to have dinner before we leave for piano lessons!"

Child says, -"Mom, are these pants clean?
Mom says, - "Hand me that dryer sheet" (mom proceeds to rub pants down thoroughly, encouraging the *Fresh Spring* smell)

Enjoy our reject Christmas Card photos. The digital camera helps tell an accurate story of the experience.

Squinting sister, cheese ball brother, half-faced dog.... brother trying to escape, sister allergic to flash, dog is feeling a little frisky....photogenic sister is fixin' to bust a spring, flash-sensitive sister looks like she took an extra benadryl, brother is approaching danger-zone....ahhh, we are almost there.....


Kim said...

I love all the different pictures! We had a quite a few funny ones ourselves! They are some of my favorites.

About your topic...Sometimes it is hard. I know for me it is. God never said it would be fact in His word He stresses diligence,perseverance,standing firm,being know all this....anyway,there is a reason why His word instructs us on these things....He knew it would be hard sometimes. He encourages us to respond to life with the above character work hard in everything and to not grow weary doing good. I have to preach to myself all the time,because my heart wants to think otherwise at times.

You have reminded me of this. Thank you. I can tell you are a wonderful mother striving to please God with everything you are. You have blessed me with your sweet attitude and honesty. We are kindred spirits.

Have a Merry Christmas...and it is okay if everything is not exactly like you think it should be...we put unnecessary expectations on ourselves at times,esp at the Holidays. Or as we call it,the Holydays.


Kim said...

Kim- your sweet words are a blessing and encouragement. Thanks for the reminder. It is remarkable that while my everyday *tangible* world is sprinkled with beautiful Godly friendships, *He* has still seen it fit to provide additional like-minded "sisters" through a world where only our words make the connection. I am grateful for your words. Thank you.

Kim said...

This sort of looks like I'm talkin' to myself.

Jenn said...

It's ok to talk to yourself as long as you don't start anwering yourself! (Well, at least that's what I tell myself anyway!)

Kim said...

That's funny! :)