Friday, December 22, 2006

For our family who thinks we have forgotten them...

Just a litty bitty peek at our life over the course of this past week:

Saturday, December 16th
Emma- Level 5 Gymnast- 2nd meet - Twas The Meet Before Christmas

Big Fun, but she wanted a *9*. She did great- ya know, stuck her landings and "got" her *Front Hip Circle* (this is gymnast lingo for a very trying move on the uneven bars that has left our Emma with plenty of circles on her front hip but I don't think that's where the name comes from) GO EMMA!

Saturday evening
Church Fellowship

Lot's of fun- lot's of food- lot's of trying to keep our kids from breaking other peoples chotsky's!

Sunday Afternoon
Nursing Home Ministry

Praises through song, Jenn's husband Brian led us through beautiful Christmas hymns and then Hannah and Emma played a duet (no pinching involved). The residents played a few rounds of bingo and then heard a message from our pastor about the miraculous birth of Christ. Samuel managed to steal some cookies and maybe a heart or too :)

We go with the hope and desire to bless them with our fellowship, but we always end up on the receiving end.

(insert regular boring stuff like school, homework, driving to and from, piano lesson, gymnastics, and.......oh yea, Christmas shopping!)

Emma's 4th Grade Party

The snowflake wreath turned out nice!

I wish I could post the pictures of Emma's friends. What a peculiar habit young boys have when their picture is taken. Bizarre facial expressions and usually a rabbit ear hand or the ol' standby *rocker* hand (like the sign for "I love you"). I have witnessed this oddity with my own boy whenever the camera is present. All of a sudden he is contorting, posing, and making a presentable photo nearly impossible! Here's what I mean:

I wonder what he thinks the coin in the eye is saying?

Here's our Emma wearing her Santa hat for the 13th day in a row.


Family Trip To The Mall

Our annual trip to the mall for a train ride, visit with Santa and relay race of shopping while switching off children and their pretzel bites.

This first set of pictures is an accurate reflection of the boy phenomenon known as the "cheese ball". We took these while we waited in line to see Santa. Can you hear my voice in these pictures?

Sam, can you look at Mommy?

Oh, good boy! Now can you smile with your eyes open?

Okay, you have your eyes open but come on Sam!

Samuel, are you in pain????? (mmmm.... "not yet" thinks mother)

That's the best you get folks

The choo-choo (do you think I'll get the big girl to ride again next year?)

I guess all the practicing in line got all the "cheese ball" antics out of his sytem! Merry Christmas to our family so far away. We love you and miss you and wish you were here!!!


Jenn said...

You're wearing me out just reading it! Looks like fun and I am glad we were able to share in some of those memories (Christmas party and nursing home). We too love the train AND the pretzel bites!

Amy said...

LOL! at the boys in front of cameras observation. I haven't even tried to get a Christmas photo of them yet. I feel tired just thinking about it.

Kim said...

It looks like you all have been having lots of fun! I love that sweet little boy who doesn't stay still for pictures...we have one of those,too! I love the time you had ministering to those in the retirement center. Most of them are so lonely this time of year. I have a link to a short little movie on my blog that I think you would enjoy and appreciate!

Once again,your children are precious and you are greatly blessed!


Kelly said...

Your kids are gorgeous! Watch out for the boys! Have a blessed Christmas!