Thursday, December 14, 2006


Kim said...

Hi,Kim! I'm so sorry about your post! That has happened to me before and it is so frustrating,esp when it takes me so long to type things out!

I was wondering about you....I've missed your posts!

BTW,you have the cutest children! This picture is so precious!


Leslie said...

He's such a cutie-pie!

Kelly said...

So precious! What a adorable son you have.

Kelly said...

Hi Kim,

So adorable!

Just a quick question. Did you make your daughter's costume?


Kim said...

They dressed each boy up as Joseph and each girl as Mary and took their picture to show during the slideshow after their preschool Christmas program. Combine that with sweet Silent Night music and you have a church full of weepy parents! It was especially sweet to see how so many of the girls would look lovingly at their baby doll with this beautiful maternal gaze.

Kelly, the costumes belong to the church but they seemed very primitive (something even I- the *none* seamstress could do):)

Thanks for the sweet comments. He certainly looks so much more compliant in this photo than in real life!