Friday, September 22, 2006

Waitin' to Swing.....

The guys came early Thursday morning to build the playset that our kids have been pining away for the last few years. Our first set (which we built) was flattened to bits of firewood right in front of our eyes during the fury of Isabel in 2003. We were fortunate to be spared any major damage to our home and were kept safe from harm. Still, it was traumatic to watch that enormous tree from our neighbors yard be plucked from the soil like a carrot and come careening over the property line with the sole purpose of turning our swingset into a heap of toothpicks!

Samuel sat outside and waited patiently (somewhat) for his "playground" to be completed.

Three years later and a whole lot of beggin' and pleadin' have led to this day and oh what a happy day it is :)

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Jenn said...

It looks great! I had fun last night - still recovering though!